Sound the bugle

The Discovery

Posted in Mas despacio, por favor, science by justescaped on December 30, 2009

The Discovery lays dormant, waiting to reach its rightful place in the world; to perhaps be known as a Law. It waits patiently, for not many humans seek it. But there is one young graduate student, and hope kindles.Will it be today?

The seeker runs the gel and stares at the bands. The glow of cosmos permeates through the image of those perfectly aligned small horizontal bars on Kodak paper. Jubilant, the seeker runs to the senior post-doc, an ex-seeker who had led many dashing expeditions for the Discovery when blood still ran through his veins, but whose heart had since been turned to ice by numerous crushing disappointments.

The Discovery waits with canine expectancy. It’s cousin, Relativity, adds dramatic effect by seeming to pause Time. The ex-seeker stares long and hard at the picture. Slowly, his callused hands begin to tremble and something stirs inside his flotsam mind. Could it be…now?

The seeker bristles with energy only a sophomore scientist can muster. The Discovery fights back emotions it had long forgotten or perhaps didn’t know existed.

Just then, the ex-seeker’s observation skills, long unused, kick in to spot a fatal anomaly. The results are too perfect; young seeker has mislabeled the samples. His cynicism intact, the post-doc burrows back into his hole. The Discovery sighs, folds its arms and slinks out of the room. It awaits another day.