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Posted in genetics, Mas despacio, por favor by justescaped on November 2, 2007

It has been brought to our attention that an entire population of RNA (ray-bo-nukleaic-acid) from the bacterium Escherichia coli (Eee-colai) was discovered wiped out earlier this morning. There were no survivors or trace of their destruction except for ugly smears on agarose gels. Investigations into this appalling gene-ocide have so far proven inconclusive, though forensic experts say that all the circumstantial evidence points to the usual suspect: Mr. Ribonuclease A (other members of the family could be likely). The killer is known to be extremely catalytically active and its victims consist of nubile RNA’s of all lengths and ages.

The central regulatory machinery that governs the life of all RNA’s released a translated message today, stating that this scourge of community RNA’s is uncalled for, and has promised to deal with the situation expediently by releasing a host of RNAse inhibitors. These have worked well in the past to deal with the menace.

“We wish that RNAses could stay be as co-operative and compliant as their cousins, DNAses”, said the spokesperson in her primary message that included a generous amount of cysteine and proline to wrap up the context. “DNAses show the discipline and sensitivity to the task” she continued, “…whereas RNAses act like perverts, feasting on any single stranded nucleic acid. Its shameful”.

RNAse P, the member with the most Potential in the family, was quick to defend his cousins from any guilt. In a short transcript, R.P. stated that the role of RNAses in cytoplasmic society is a vital one; that of maintaining a balance between supply and demand. “We are the unheralded workers, who work their C-terminals off to prevent the excesses from burdening the society.” He further added that if RNAse A did indeed cause mayhem then “he was just doing the job he was assembled for”. “Just because the cell no longer lives, one cannot expect any member of RNAse to stop working, that just aint happening”. R.P. signed off on his message warning that “We decide how RNA’s die in prokaryotes, and we will brook no interference”.

Meanwhile, efforts are on to obtain expensive solutions (in kits) to expedite the safe extraction of intact RNA from their dissipatory fate.

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  1. بهترین موزیک ها said, on November 7, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    I couldnt agree with you more!!

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