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Simple math solves heady problem

Posted in Mas despacio, por favor, The circus has landed by justescaped on April 25, 2007

Frustrated that their skills are largely ignored by the hero-worshipping adolatory babes, mathematicians (few of them) have started flexing their muscles by solving the one problem that mystifies all, one that of beer head.

SciAm reports:

“It’s exhilarating,” Srolovitz (the math guy) says. “I’ve always found this problem very sexy.”

Sexy or not, complex equations certainly provide a tantalizing hint at a future without beer-head; an elysium of free flowing beer on clean table tops.

Who knew that the solution to heady problem boils down to a single equation,

“According to the new equation, the change in volume….is essentially the sum of the lengths of the domain’s edges (imagine a honeycomb) minus six times the mean width of the domain, all multiplied by a constant that is particular to the material in question.”

The material in question, of course, being beer, the one beverage (other than water) that man and dog like alike.

But before we start celebrating, solving the equation could be harder than what your local bartender could tackle.

“‘It’s a very complicated type of evolution,”… “It’s going to be much harder to figure out how the network behaves.'”

But if that doesnt convince young kids to take up maths, then I dont know what will. Previous approaches to beer zen have involved undergoing rigorous physical training, as in the example here.

Math seems so much better.


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