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Kryptonite by any other name…

Posted in Mas despacio, por favor by justescaped on April 25, 2007

…is Jaderite.

Its a bad sign for the world that even before super-heroes are discovered, their nemesis are (literally) unearthed.

SciAm reports:

“The collective laughter of Lex Luthor, Brainiac and a host of other DC Comics villains was heard reverberating throughout Metropolis this morning, according to the Daily Planet.”

Such scientific insight comic-book writers have, and I detect a frustrated chemist lay hidden beneath. Real scientists, however, are more dull. Like the discoverer of Jaderite, Dr Chris Stanley, who proposes very non-super uses for the mineral:

“Borosilicate glasses are used to encapsulate processed radioactive waste, and lithium is used in batteries and in the pharmaceutical industries.”

Exciting stuff.


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