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The Journey

Posted in History of the world by justescaped on April 10, 2007

The only journey that matters, of course, is that how you and me descended over hundreds of thousands of years from a certain Mr. Adam, living in Southwest Africa.

Here’s an excellent learning site, which tracks genotypic markers (like mitochondrial DNA, Y chromosome traits etc) to delineate human migration and present it in an absorbing manner, with interactive charts, photographs and myth-busters. A favorite myth of mine that was busted, was that Neanderthals were NOT human ancestors but an evolutionary dead-end, akin to a branch of evolution that didnt quite make it.

There are recent evidences that may challenge the above theory of Africa being the ‘cradle’ (pardon the cliche) of modern humans. Exciting debate lies ahead.

In another note, scientists have concluded global warming is indeed real, since the Rockies have warmed up sooner this year. Its a relief that they didnt fly through Minnesota, or they might have missed their flight due to a very non-contemporary winter storm. Maybe noone read the current world news to Minnesota weather, which is frankly behaving like a snub all season long.


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