Sound the bugle

How to

Posted in Mas despacio, por favor, The circus has landed by justescaped on April 6, 2007

How to’s that amuse, entertain, shock and remind you that life cannot be, after all, the wild temptress if you can’t open a champagne bottle with a sword.

A few gems that can be found at

Life in the wild (How to survive avalanches, alligators, winters, volcanoes, freestyle rap battles, piranhas, making sweat baths)

Lifestyle choices (growing pineapples, caring for donkeys, playing with large parrots, being Gothic Lolitas, raising kids to be rich, acting insane)

The bleeding obvious (saving money on Auto Insurance, love and lust issues, blogging habits, eating breakfast, getting out of cars)

Geek tips (impressing people by ripping phonebooks and slashing bottles, getting girlfriends to play videogames, writing and sharing online obituaries)

The really serious (how to save a life)

The last one of course, is an attempt at humour.


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