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Too hot to gas up?

Posted in The circus has landed by justescaped on March 9, 2007

Long have I (and the wife) have suspected that the colder it gets, the lower the gas prices drop in Minnesota. So I did some PhD level R&D, and here’s the heado a heado comparison of fares and temperature in Minnesota.

Some trends are obvious correlation-wise, both do peak and drop in the same periods ( at least in the last one year sample). This could all be a hazy coincidence, but if the model holds true, then check the weather channel before filling up that tank. Cooler climes could be half a gallon away.
But this is Minnesota, and weird things happen in life at -20 F.

Asides, the excellent temperature data was provided by Wunderground. The gas price history was gleaned from, which despite the name, has the latest gas prices around the US, overlaid with google-style maps. Excellent affair, overall. Here’s a sample map from San Francisco, one of the priciest counties in the US, generated by Minnesotagasprices.


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