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Atlanta trip

Posted in Around the world on a tight budget by justescaped on December 27, 2005
The world famous Georgia Aquarium , with its millions of gallons of water, hundreds of marine species and thousands of hopelessly bored fish gave us an intimate look at fish habitat and genitalia.
Particularly, the giant ‘habitat’ tank offers a cinemascope view of the ocean behing two feet of acrylic (more seamless than glass) barrier. Very impressive. Except the whale shark and its minion fish company (such a comical pairing) looked downright unhappy with the scheme. I bet the pair of ’em (Ralph and Norton) does some thousand rounds daily. See collage on left. Swapnil raised a valid question of the feasibility of housing predator and prey in the same room, and we all wondered for exactly 5.2 seconds before one of Ralph and Norton again made his sombre presence felt. A voice in room explained the mighty logistics of putting the aquarium together, rather than dispersing irrelevant doubts regarding the ecological meaning of it all.

Looking perfectly happy with scheme of things was the “ugly looking fish” (aptly named by H., collage bottom right) and its school of obsequious followers. The grave looking brute and its wraith of followers made a curious spectacle. The rest of the really dangerous sharks looked menacing as they lounged in the shadows of the sea bed, occassionally coming to bare their sparkleys. Then there was the entire cast of ‘Finding Nemo’, now presumably unemployed, strutting their stuff (see Squirt, Nemo, Brucy and his buddies among others). And then there were the really reclusive and exotic ones…. sea horses, sea dragons (neat!) and neon-lit jellyfish, looking mysterious in stark-blue-ly lit chambers. There were cute penguins, ferocious otters, more starfish than you could shake a limb at, giant Beluga whales that made up with size what they lacked in shape, weird looking Crustaceas and other shelled things that are neither cute nor dangerous and a few other honorable mentions.

To their credit, the people in charge have made a reasonable attempt to provide natural and voluminous enough habitats for these fish to have a comfortable existence. After all, it is dangerous out there. Im not a big fan of captivity for animals, but if done right, I can reason with my conscience that these animals are not suffering. Indeed, the Beluga whales did look mirthful and the some others should watch their diet. And we dont have to paddle up and dive to watch these truly wonderful creatures. I had bad dreams after watching “Open Water”.

We spent a total of 4 hours in the aquarium, some other patrons must have spent an equal amount of time outside in the long long queue. Thats us laughing at their fate.


Blogs and Orkut

Posted in Uncategorized by justescaped on December 14, 2005

Blogs and Orkut. If you dont know what either means (how didja get here?), then you got those cyber-blinders on nice and tight.Blogs when googled, returns 50+ pages of relevant b.s. Pretty good going for a protocol that combines writing diaries, posting notes and discussing on web-forums. Simple ideas do make it big sometimes. A address now ranks high in the annals of really cool things to have with you (same as a cell-phone few yrs ago, an email address couple of years before that and a perhaps, a visiting card in the generation gone by). Gmail promised to be the next big thing for a few days, but somehow google-makers seemed to have incubated it too long. I got a few weeks ago…….doesnt make me feel esp special right now.